Tuesday, May 6, 2008

some more passing thoughts...

Continuing on the passing thoughts series.....
This time I would like to discuss what should a human life be. I know this is a very complex matter to comment upon but I would take my chance. This would just reflect my ideas and it may be too much away from some other people's beliefs.
We humans are born special. We are special and unique in our own ways. We are superior to many regardless of our size. We have survived thorugh many mireful periods. We have conquered everything beyond our imagination and range. We are unmatched in the whole universe. Here I am happy to neglect the fact that life may be present in outer space and apt is the Calvin Hobbes's comment "The sure proof of existence of intelligent life in outer space is that they have never tried to contact us". Wow!
But apart from the victories and uniqueness, the question is why are we humans??????
We have the unmatched power of understanding and analysing, making decisions. We can sense the importance of life. How valuable it is? We can regard life as something. An insect has no regard of its life. For it, its simply feeding and living its days. Nothing special in it. But we are not insects. We know whats a success and whats a failure. For us, life is not just feeding and waiting for death.
For me life is a chance given to you. The only chance. You have been bestowed with a brain to understand the importance of the time of your life. You have been given the power to analyse what did u achieve and what u lack, what you should be doing in your life. A life is very very precious. You fabricate ambitions and plan to achieve then within your lifetime. I absolutely don't believe on life after death, theory of 7 lives, heaven and hell bla bla bla. For me, after death you just dicompose and thats it. End of your emotions, ambitions, mobility. Its foolish to make plans for your second life, do good deeds now just to land on heaven after death. What absurdity!

With life comes death also. And thats another interesting part of life, infact the last of life. The mere presence of death itself signifies your clock is ticking. You have limited time to enjoy your life and do everything you can lay your hands on. I mean everything, everything that you want to do, everything that you want to enjoy and remember it throughout your lifetime and also afterwards if you do believe in it. I view my life as one such thing. I have no idea of my lifetime as death is uncertain (thats another inetersting thing I would talk later) but I know I am alive now and now is what I have got. I should make the best use of it. I should make my life full of substance and not merely job, then eat and sleep, next morning to job again and this cycle repeats till you are 60. What the Hell ! After 60, your enthusiasm dies with your hairs.
I believe every second of your life should be meaningful, purposeful. I am very much inspired by travel autobiographies like "The motorcycle diaries", "Zen and the art of motorcycle". Their (the authors) life is atleast something special. They did something extraordinary atleast not boring like me, morning 9 to evening 9 in the office doing something I don't like, go home, eat then sleep, come to office the next morning. What a monotonous life, the worst one I guess. I admit I am frustrated to the extreme, but this realisation is like a spark inside me waiting to cause an explosion. This realisation of life itself fuels me more and more to do something of my choice, to do everything of my choice like travelling, writting, painting, paragliding, skydiving, trekking and the list is endless. The world is a very beautiful place to live in. There are so many pulchritudinous places to explore. You'll be amazed at their beauty. You'll feel the blessing that you are not born blind. I always long for such feelings. I must feel my existence. I must feel the boon that every organ of mine is in perfect condition. Everything that makes me realise I am blessed with eyes, ears, nose, limbs.........everything. I know I am being too much ambitious but may be its just a matter of time.
I want to do everything thats in the world in this short time that I have. Else my life is a waste. Doing everything is a challenge. Your life is worth it atleast if you are doing what you wanted to do like fulfiling your dreams even if you can't afford to taste countless other exciting things. For me that would be being a good teacher, doing good for the country or countrymen, conserving energy, eradicationg poverty and many more things.
Have to sign out.........but will continue on the same
kundan das

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