Monday, March 14, 2011

confessions of a lost mind

Its been 3 days now. I have been sitting in the same place I was put 3 days ago. I should not be bothered about that because my life was like this 4 months ago. My owner lived not 100 steps away from the office so "work from home" became "work from office" and moreover he had a Dell dude to take care of his needs. I used to be left in the corner, forgotten and I never complained. But something happened 4 months ago. My ownership changed hands. I was taken in by a cute little girl since her laptop had broken down. I had doubts at first, I was little scared and fearful. But then I started to like her. She took good care of me, atleast I was in use everyday. Her little fingers running over my keyboard gave me tickles. And she would go to sleep under my watchful eyes. I would be on, the whole night and I would wake her up on gtalk pings. I would be sad when she would leave for work in the morning and like an obedient housewife I would be all ears for her footsteps in the evening. I have never felt more happy than when I would see her enter through that door and she would smile at me. In few seconds I am up and running and boy, is she leading a very complicated life or what! There would be 3-4 word documents open, 2 video files running, tons of websites (mostly shopping sites), gtalk, facebook bla bla. I never complained. This is nothing for me and I was just happy to be able to serve. We were best friends in no time. For sometime I forgot what I am and where I am. The occasional car rides, the smell of delicious dinner, were but for few days untill this "hp" dude showed up at the door one day. My whole world was upside down. I remembered her checking out that dude over internet but I never paid attention. But I accepted my fate. After all I am old now. Hp has got this fancy webcam, stylish keyboard, drop-dead looks. She decided to move on, like everyone else and here I am, back to where it all started. In few days, I'll be returned to the company from where I came and may be I'll be dismembered, disintegrated, thrown away...I don't know, but I'll always cherish my days with the girl.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why do I always end up with morons as roommates

Some people could be so insensitive to others I can never imagine. I wonder if some people are left out of the evolution race.

Its 3 in the morning and I am up. Any normal person would be sleeping now and I would be sleeping now if for any other normal day. But this day isn't like any normal day. This day my bloody dumbass roommate decides to talk to his some bloody friend or family I do not care back in India. And when he is talking over phone he decides not to budge from his bed. Thats good things except that his bed is right next to mine. So he doesn't know when he is speaking, he is not only speaking to the microphone, he is yelling at my ears also. Bloody hell. My sleep is ruined. My day is starting up with I am super irritated and mighty pissed of at my roommate. He is truly a stupid guy. He is from some crappy university, which has 5 words in it and one word happens to be Purdue so he goes on telling everyone "I am from Purdue". Recently he met another proper Purdue university guy and when that guy asked which side of the university you stay, or your department etc and to which yours truly replies "Oh I am from actually so and so university" and the other guy tells him on his face "Dude, thats not Purdue".
One time he goes to the university to sort out his training thing and finish all the paper formalities and guess what he forgets to bring along to the university, his documents folder. The next morning he calls me from the university and tells me to scan his passport, I-20 and other documents. I am like what the hell man!!!! Who goes to a bar and forgets to bring along his Id (Yes, he has done that also).
Sometimes I really believe people cannot be this stupid but every time I look at my roommate and I get my proof. He is such a shame on human evolution. Moreover I am not talking about some guy from the shanties, some uneducated asshole who has not be told about manners etc because those can be stupid but if you are properly educated, had a family when growing up, were told about manners and common sense, and you applied to some US university (no matter how crappy the university is), one can atleast expect some sane thoughts and actions from you. Even after all these you still act dumb, well, you are an asshole and you rightly deserve to be someone's asshole.
At this time I remember one quote from Calvin&Hobbes because it so much suits the situation.

--The most difficult part of being a genius is that you have to put up with millions of morons around you.

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