Monday, March 14, 2011

confessions of a lost mind

Its been 3 days now. I have been sitting in the same place I was put 3 days ago. I should not be bothered about that because my life was like this 4 months ago. My owner lived not 100 steps away from the office so "work from home" became "work from office" and moreover he had a Dell dude to take care of his needs. I used to be left in the corner, forgotten and I never complained. But something happened 4 months ago. My ownership changed hands. I was taken in by a cute little girl since her laptop had broken down. I had doubts at first, I was little scared and fearful. But then I started to like her. She took good care of me, atleast I was in use everyday. Her little fingers running over my keyboard gave me tickles. And she would go to sleep under my watchful eyes. I would be on, the whole night and I would wake her up on gtalk pings. I would be sad when she would leave for work in the morning and like an obedient housewife I would be all ears for her footsteps in the evening. I have never felt more happy than when I would see her enter through that door and she would smile at me. In few seconds I am up and running and boy, is she leading a very complicated life or what! There would be 3-4 word documents open, 2 video files running, tons of websites (mostly shopping sites), gtalk, facebook bla bla. I never complained. This is nothing for me and I was just happy to be able to serve. We were best friends in no time. For sometime I forgot what I am and where I am. The occasional car rides, the smell of delicious dinner, were but for few days untill this "hp" dude showed up at the door one day. My whole world was upside down. I remembered her checking out that dude over internet but I never paid attention. But I accepted my fate. After all I am old now. Hp has got this fancy webcam, stylish keyboard, drop-dead looks. She decided to move on, like everyone else and here I am, back to where it all started. In few days, I'll be returned to the company from where I came and may be I'll be dismembered, disintegrated, thrown away...I don't know, but I'll always cherish my days with the girl.

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