Saturday, July 28, 2012

Getting my life back

What the F*** I am doing here? I am sitting in my room in front of my laptop. its 1am. My friend from a nearby city is in my house for the weekend. He is lying in the bed, his belly popping out, snoring. I am looking at him and I am having a completely different thought. What the F*** I am doing? I am in USA, I am 27, bloody healthy young blood, enthusiastic, average intelligence and I am right now staring at this fat guy. Is this the best way to spend my precious seconds of my precious life?
The thing is, I am the kind of person who when comes across some great quotes, and if it sticks to my mind, it sticks forever, every now and then pinching me, reminding if this is what I should be doing right now. For example, long time back, I saw a movie Fight Club, no not the crappy bollywood shit but authentic Hollywood. I came across this quote "This is your life and its getting over, one minute at a time". Fuck.
Now every now and then when I am doing something totally pointless, like watching a fat guy sleeping, I think to myself, just wasted another minute of my life. I wish I had not seen that movie but what to do about many other such quotes I come across everywhere, facebook, twitter, friends, colleagues, parents.
I think to myself, I am at a place, few people get to be this lucky. Some random people in Africa do not know anything except starving. They are born, they starve, they die. And here I am. I gotta list the stuff I want to do and this is an endless list, but I gotta start organizing my shit together. I gotta get back my life. Its going to happen one wish at a time.

learn flute (Basics learned)
switch company -better position, more money (Done!!!!)
bloody I have to study for company switch. shit
travel route 66  -- (Done!)
work out. run 4-6 mi. need to bring out my 6 packs (Almost done!)
I have to travel to so many places. Colorado, vegas, padre islands, hawaii
see europe
buy a better camera. learn photography (Camera bought)
bungee jumping

There are so many places I want to travel to and if I start listing them here, it will take a long long time. Anyways. I have already noted down enough. I should set a time frame to accomplish these. I am thinking a year. Hmm sounds good. I am feeling a little better than what I was feeling an hour ago. Cool. This is good. So, let me start working out from tomorrow. Shouldn't take more than 3 months for the packs and other muscles to show up :P
Company switch is next priority. Must study and work hard every day.
May be I'll use this blog to keep track of my progress.


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