Saturday, October 10, 2009

A failed day!

Disappointments are part of everyone's life. Sometimes you remember one particular day when you had multiple failures and you are forced to think, whats wrong with me?

I had my moments. There was this one friday, the first friday of the semester and the friday of "Gator nights". Every friday, the university organises a party sort of thing. There are multiple events held on that day, many games, fun shows, gifts, free midnight breakfast, Movie show and free popcorn and soda.
This fateful friday, I have all wrapped up my university business in time to reach the main building called Reitz Union the experience my first ever party here. When I reach there sharp 6:30 pm, I see a big, very big line of people. I saw it from a distance and thought may be its for the movie. There were 3 shows, one at 6:30, another at 9:30 and last one at 11:30pm. I was startled to see the line and disappointed too. I didn't anticipated such a rush. Then it became clear to me, I can't see the 6:30 show, so better I find some other engagement and try for the 9:30 show. Then it dawned on me that there is a Krishna temple notoriously famous for having free friday dinner, called Krishna dinner. I only had a vague idea that its nearby the university, but where exactly, I didn't know. So I called up couple of my friends and got this girl who had been there. I asked her for directions and headed that way.
Add to my misery, she never had a clear sense of directions, so it took me lot of running, walking, sitting, through all the hunting thing before I finally reach the Krishna temple after 1hr. I entered and the Kirtan was going on. I humbly sat down in a corner, waiting for the food time. I had in mind its served around 8pm. So I sat there, anticipating. The Kirtan finally ended and I survived but then some guy comes along and announces the presence of some great Hindu guy called Maharaj sri sri guru Bla Bla to give us a Pravachan (holy speech).
O My God!!!!!!! A Pravachan now........ I was like going nuts, wanting to chew my throat in. For an atheist like me, Pravachan is like dropping a nuclear bomb on me. Well, it exploded and caused casualties. All through his lectures, stories, myths and what not, I was going crazy by every passing moment. At every statement I wanted to jump out and question him. The thought of food drove me all through this and I thought I'll hold on for some more time. 8pm.....8:30pm......9pm. Its crossing my threshold level and my movie is about to start and I badly need some time to clear my mind from the religious shit. At 9:15, I could wait no longer. I stood up, made my way through the devotees sitting there, picked up my bag and rammed the door while leaving and I am pretty sure the whole way, the holy dude must be watching me and asking himself why I had to leave.
I started running as soon as I came out. My show is only 15 mins away and I can expect some crowd too, so I ran, ran like my life is in stake. Panting and gasping I finally reached the Reitz Union. I found out one need to take a wrist band first before joining the party and that had some people in line. I took my band, and rushed to the 2nd floor only to see a big line by the side of the auditorium door. Without questions, I simply joined the last guy in the line. I have been there for 20 mins or so, when I hear someone screaming, "If someone here is not standing for Popcorn, you can volunteer for help at the front desk for 10 mins". I didn't get the message as a whole but I realized I am standing in the wrong line. I walked to the front to see the popcorn machine and some dude handing out popcorn bags to the people in the queue and that auditorium door happened to be a side door while the main entrance door was 20ft further from the popcorn machine. I ran towards it only to see a girl standing there and telling people the hall is full and repeating "I am sorry".
That was very disappointing. Especially when I saw my roommates getting inside it while I was standing outside. Damn.
11:30 show is my last chance. I promised myself no matter what happens I'll be here by 11:15. So I took off, went from one event place to another only to be greeted by a huge line that would demoralize me to death. Luckily I was in time for a BINGO game and that took care of my 45 mins but I still had bad luck follow me there. Missing the BING-O moment by one or two pieces only. After some moments here and there, I reach the auditorium entrance in time only to find another mind boggling huge line. Where did all these people come from? Are they all in the university? It never occurred to me this huge number. I followed the line and at every corner I was surprised of its length. Finally I stood at the last. The line began to move and so did I and all the time I was telling myself don't loose hope, you'll get in there. And I did get in the hall only to find the front row seats free. Something is better than nothing so I picked the best one from the pool and made myself comfortable. The movie was Star Trek and I kinda dislike such movies (sci-fi space related movies) but still I tried to enjoy it. Soon I fell asleep only to wake up 10 minutes before the credits roll. It rolled and I yawned.

Movie experience was okay. Atleast I had an experience now. Next was midnight breakfast, scheduled to be on from 12:30am. I reached the food court only to see couple of guys sitting around tables and a large sign by the counter, "Food stocks over for tonight. Sorry."
That was the cherry on top. Perfect end to a perfect day. I came home hungry and slept before hunger could start bothering me.

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