Monday, February 21, 2011

Music....simply music

I have been a big music buff but still lot less than others who are like crazy after it. I am not like many of those music fanatics who put up huge posters of their idol and revere their each voice, neither a fanatic to spend couple thousand bucks to see their idol play it live somewhere.
I am basically a traveler personality when it comes to music. Yes, I am a finder, I am an explorer. I keep looking for good music, the one that speaks to me and listening to which I feel my souls' just been touched by that voice, that music, that lyrics.
I am not aver to listening to rock, metal, or rap etc but I find that country songs are the one that I best relate to.
I am a very very big fan of bollywood music. As much as I hate Hindi movies, I love more their music. Thats the music I have grown up with. During my undergraduate days at Rourkela I came across people listening to western bands like Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez etc and I liked their music also. With time I came across lot of other artists and bands. Linkin Park, Bryan Adams etc. Listening and loving the music is lot different than being lost in music. And the hindi songs are the one that have those effects on me. May be because I am better able to understand Hindi lyrics than English. It usually happens to me that while listening to English songs I couldn't make out some of their lyrics and its when I explicitly look at their lyrics I get to understand what he/she meant to say. This would take away some charm of the music experience for me.
Also when I would love some song, I would like to sing it myself more often, try to get the feel again and again inside me and I would completely fail in that respect with English songs. Its hard to remember their lyrics and add the accent to that. Its totally not the same to listen the same song in Indian accent. Ruined.

Coming to Hindi songs then. As I said I enjoy the experience of listening to hindi songs as if I am a traveler, an explorer. Moving from one song to another and trying to see how that songs speaks to me. Discard the songs that evoke a feeling of irritation, anger, disgust. And there are many of these, with crappy lyrics, mixing English, Arabic and all sorts of language with Hindi, and some songs here the lyrics is so out of rhythm, poetry, flow, some songs where music doesn't do justice to the underlying voice and lyrics and thats why remixes are totally not of my taste. They completely ruin the feeling. Although any music instrument is fine with me, violin and flute are in particular, evoke a strong urge from my inside. They are the instruments that straightaway touch the soul without even trying. So simple, so fine, so strong, speaking thousand vibes.
I am always in the hunto for good music. Thats why when I am listening on grooveshark or Youtube I jump from one to another. Sometimes I would simply discard the song and sometimes I would simply stop on something, stuck ion it forever for it seems, as if I have been to one of the wonders and I am spellbound. Thats when I feel like listening to this song for thousand times and still not feel bored. The beauty is everytime I would hear the song, it would bring out a stronger emotion. After listening to atleast 10-15 times I am like totally immersed in its effect. I feel like I am lost. I feel like I am standing in front of a vista, to which I can simply stare for my lifetime, silence, no words, so peaceful. Yes peaceful. Oly the winds blowing, water rushing through the stream, clouds covering the mountains, foliage everywhere, green, white, blue. Anybody can get lost in front of a view like this. The passion for music blends well with my traveling enthusiasm. I love to travel and I have been to many beautiful places. And I just get lost in those places, totally oblivious of the fact how much time has passed since I have been watching this view. And whenever I listen to some of my favorite songs, I could close my eyes and all those memories would come crashing in front my vision. I relive those moments all over again, and again and again and everytime I feel more and more connected, more and more close to reality, as if I can touch the snow, feel the cold wind, hear the water drops, see those mountain peaks, breathe that air.
My songs speak to me. They know what I am going through and like a faithful lover, a caressing mother, a responsible elder brother, an understanding friend they embrace me in their arms. I feel lost, lost of all thoughts, lost of worries, lost of happiness and sadness, lost of family and friends, lost of the world, lost of luxury, lost of religion, money, work, lost of myself. Sometimes I would virtually feel my soul coming out of my body, as if the music punched a hole in my chest and took out my soul. Thats the power of music I am talkig about. If a find a music that speaks to me, when listening to it, it feels like I am connected like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, yes, exactly like that, as if there are rows of pieces and I would just go and my body would connect with every single incomplete piece. I feel complete. The music feels complete. My body would shake automatically with every beat of that song, my lips would speak out the words with the artist, my skin hair will rise in appreciation, goosebumps all over the body, feets and head in sync with the beats.
I cannot imagine without music. They bring out so much emotions out of me that I cannot express. The lyrics make me go crazy, literally speechless. I cannot admire enough, the lyricist, the musician to be able to do justice to that, the voice blowing life into it and whoa, you got a mysterious mistress. Music is like beauty. The speechless power it contains, you would never be able to appreciate until you feel something inside thats just inexplicable.
Its incredible how much energy each song contains yet how much calmness they infuse in you. There is no better alternative when you want to remember someone, relive some moments of the past, or just to forget everything around you, than to listen to your favorite music, earphones, loud volume, laid back in the couch or bed, eyes closed. Darkness. Total darkness. Stop. Feel.


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