Wednesday, May 7, 2008

people are filled with anger

Ever experienced a road side uproar just because you touched another's car with your bike or bycycle? Ever surprised what did you do to raise a storm in a tea cup? Why the other guy got so angry and for what reason?
I have been a witness to a lot of such incidents and have been involved in a lot. I have also given rough treatments to many drivers or pedestrians myself. I never sat down and analysed why was I angry.
In the movie MunnaBhai MBBS I got my answers. There was a scene where a pick-pocket is caught red-handed by Sunil Dutt and when the people near by knew about it they started bitting the pick-pocket mercilessly. Sunil then rescues the culprit and gives him a choice to either earn money by hardwork or get beaten by the mob. The people here are very angry for one reason or the other. Someone is very upset for his wife, someone is angry over his kids for not listening to him, someone is angry over his boss for overwork and tirades, someone is frustrated for his money problems, someone is angry on his parents, someone is not getting a job. All the people are angry and they are looking for reasons to burst out. They find a thief and beat to soothe themselves for a moment. They get pleasure out of it. They are not beating the thief for his act but for their own failures in life.
The explanation is so rational, isn't it? Everyone is having problems and so everyone is angry all the time. This morning when I was on my way to the office, my auto driver got a scolding from two bycyclists one after another. The second cyclist was burning with ire. His eyes were breathing fire and less said the better about his language. In either of the case I didn't find the auto driver deserving this. He had merely touched the cycle and in the first cycle case, even he was surprised as to what went wrong that the guy is scolding him. The driver also retaliated with even more harsh language only to prove me that he is in deeper trouble than the cyclists.
I was also witness to two other accidents and the aftereffects. In one case my auto tried to take the wrong lane to avoid a jam and consequently got hit by a biker (in full speed) who was taken aback by the intrusion. The bike rammed into the auto. The biker came out clean miraculously only to beat the auto driver with his helmet like a cattle. His actions were obviously provoked by the auto driver's fault but was increased manifold because of his personal problems. Isn't it?
In another case, my auto driver was taking the right side of the road when already there was a bike and the bike budged the auto by a whisker. The biker then stopped the auto mid-way and the moment he came near to the auto driver, he started slapping him hard and bitting him with his helmet and helping him in the fight was his company in the bike. He was constantly asking for his papers and slapping him in between when he would see the cheek defenseless.
Next time you fall in trouble, take my advice and just be calm. Your actions would only aggravate the opponents'. Its not the issue of whos' domestic problem is more serious or who is more angry and frustrated with his life but to resolve the trouble in hand.
cheers to life!
kundan das

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