Tuesday, May 6, 2008

about passing thoughts..........

The human brain is a very complex thing. There are myriad cells working in a very intricate way. They create illusions, dreams, memory, decisions, understandings. I read it somewhere that the most genius human on earth uses less than 1% (somewhere around 0.6)of the mind to its capacity. I wonder how much more is in store. So many unexplored areas. It also makes me question the authencity of the statement (about the mind's use). The guy who made the comment must have a fair idea about the 100% of human mind and thats strange. Anyways , we are digressing from the main subject.
The point to notice is the fascinating side of human brain. The humans are so special on earth and the universe esp for their brain. Its size is way beyond the comparision with an elephant which only buttresses the fact that size doesn't always matter. Without a intelligent brain, we are no good than an insect whose life has no purpose than to be born, to feed and then to die, thats it! What an injustice to life!
Although the insect understands what a life is and how important it is. Thats why it never approaches the fire, knows his enemy, and avoids anything that may cause pain to him/her. That brings us again to comment on the authencity of the statement I just made. I stated that an insect avoids the hostile places because he fears for his life like we do but what if I say its just to avoid pain. A sense of pain is inherent in every organism and everyone tries to avoid things that may cause pain. In this case I think it better to attribe the cause to the insect's fear for life than pain, because it looks more sober (atleast for the insect) and rest the concerns.
The brain differentiates us from the insect. I am fortunate that I am born as a human and not like a cow or a dog or a crawling insect. Thats the biggest reason I celebrate my birthday. But then it again raises a bold question in my mind, Whats the reason? Why I am born as a human? Whats my purpose? and so on
The answers to some of our questions cannot be answered because the science has not reached its peak. Yeah I said science and not God because I have partial beliefs in the existence of God. Blame it on my education but my study of science has always compelled me to accept only if I have reasons good enough and that too it must be valid, like I can prove it similar to a theorem (in maths or physics) or formula (physics) etc. Many people around me have serious faiths in God and I don't question their faith. In-fact I am always open to accept God but before that I must be convinced of its existence. Merely saying that there exists a supernatural force in the skies (and why not in the underground or in the trees?) and he is the supreme and bla bla bla as if God is always there for your blames. You fail in anything, blame it on something non-existent. Easy! Just like you fail in an exam and then blame it on fate (again a big question mark like God) or God and never look back and see if you never studied.
Many many years ago, when science was absent on earth, or atleast not developed to the extent it is now, people used to revere moon, sun, stars. Now we know whats the moon, what drives sun and what makes the starts twinkle, thanks to science. The same humans have now put their foot on moon which sometime back was a God. So, you see?
Anything thats God is merely an object sometime in the future. You just have to wait and let science do the talking. I have strong faith in science because the explanations to events are meaningful and rational, at least believable and not something bogus like God on which many more questions can be raised. People may argument that God breathes life in a cell, something on which science is silent but to those people I can only say to wait a few more years till science comes out with artificial life (a robot is life in the making).
Ok! leave it . this blog is mainly created to give my brain some rest from these passing thoughts. These are very valuable to me. I will further the thoughts in subsequent entries.
signing out'
kundan das

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