Monday, May 19, 2008

Science vs God and the Education system

I passed my 11th with not much exciting marks and study for 12th was just routine to pass the board exam with good marks. Although I secured handsome marks but I never understood what I studied most of the time or so to say, my knowledge about the subjects were superficial. I was contend to study the way that would fetch me good marks and I never really studied.

The ramifications were clear. I didn't qualify in entrance exams and my dreams were shattered. I had a passion to study in IITs or atleast from an NIT.

I dropped one year for preparation and during that one year I came mighty close to science esp physics. I was amazed by it. The reasonings for the various phenomenons were simply beautiful. Soon, physics became my favorite subject and it still is. Its such a fascinating subject, purely science and nothing farce and whimsical. I loved solving mechanics problems using logic. Those were my happy days. I enjoyed it to the core of my heart. Soon, I started to see everything from the perspective of science. Whatever was happening around me, I would always try to put my explanations using my little knowledge of science.

The biggest effect of science on me was that it made me question everything. I wouldn't believe anything if I am not convinced of its existence according to the theories of science. That made me question the existence of God. People would say Sun is a God but I see it as a star. The life, just a complex set of metabolic process undergoing. Everything they said is God, I found it one or the other product of science. And why not, I have valid explanations. They say Sun is God since it has energy, light and I would say it because of fusion reaction going in there. Scientists have used the same techniques to produce the same energy in laboratories. Am I false.

I am not totally against the belief of God but I must be convinced of its existence. Why do people always look at sky for God when the same people say God is everywhere. Isn't that contradictory? Why believe on something that cannot be proved. Isn't it foolishness? Yeah, you have found an easy scapegoat to put your blames onto, attribute your success into. Anything goes wrong and you blame God. You succeed and praise and thank God. You have prepared well for the exam but still you are temerious and pray God. Even some people are there who don't prepare anything and pray God to have mercy on them. Poor chaps. I pity them. Rise above God. For sometime assume there is no God and life will be the same as before.

In the same line, I have grown an attitude to defy everything that seems bogus to me. For instance people won't cross the road because a black cat did it before them. In that case I would be more than happy to cross it and show to others(and me also) that its fine. If someone would say that we shouldn't do this or that, that would tempt me more to do it. For the past 8 yrs, I have been an atheist and I am still going strong. No problem yet ! Life is normal. See!

As I have already stated in my previous postings that if anything is so mysterious to be regarded as Godly, just give science some time.

I have always valued quality education. Although its very abstract concept but we can hope to get it from quality institutions. For me the quality educational institutes were few namely the IITs, NITs and some other few ones like IT-BHU, ISM, etc. I praise highly those people who study there because only the bests get to there. Not only does they possess brilliance but they are passionate, persistent, hard working and above all one among a few and few among a many. I knew I belong to those so I had to get into one of those. I could have easily got into some reputed private colleges (who don't value knowledge but money) in the first place but I refused. I ain't like just another rotten piece of shit on the earth. I am different. I tried and one year later I showed all of 'em what I am.

While on my summer training I met 2 girls, both studying in local private college. After few meetings I could know one of them is quite intelligent. I asked why in a private not so good college. She said she didn't had the patience to prepare one year. Why being so complacent? If you are good, just prove to yourself that you are good atleast. I said to her 'Yeah, then you definitely deserve to be in one of those pvt. colleges'.

The mere mention of my college brings respect to me from the listener and I am proud to announce my college. Because everyone knows about it. It is not some local private college that the outsiders have no idea about. It will pass as just another XYZ college to them. For me, hearing my college name, they look at me with a feeling of appreciation and I gladly accept that. The important thing is I am proud to tell my college name, I am proud of myself.

I always advice to my intelligent younger brothers and sisters to choose the institution wisely. A good reputed institute goes far away in shaping a career. Take it from me, it helps alot esp in case of future job or Higher studies. In IITs, the perofessors there have strong personal ties with professors of US universities. Once you decide to persue your MS from US, you can always count on your favorite faculties to deliver you a splendid recommendation letter and the corresponding US counterpart is well aware of the name. In private colleges the faculties are not at all known to anyone else outside so no one values them.
My experience in NIT were awesome. I lived my best 4 yrs of life in NIT. The hostel life was so much full of excitement, freedom and it was bustling with activities. The teachers were average. The first year teachers were the worst. But I am not complaning because its the same problem everywhere. The department faculties were nice and knowledgable. Their teaching was lacking in motivation and innovation. The assignments given were soporific, not at all helpful for later life. In US on the other hand, the Operating system faculty would give an assignment of making your own OS, your own File System, device own searching sorting algorithms etc. Such assignments later on become Linux, Google. But I am still not complaining because this is not America. I only suggest that the whole Indian Educational System needs a revamp. There are many areas of amelioration. The first step would be the awareness in the teachers so that they know what and how to teach.
In places like Delhi, one has a wide range of choice regarding hie education after 12th. I was surprised to see the courses offered by the DU like graduation course in Music, Drama, Economics, English, and many more. It is even more surprising that there are great demands for the seats. In places far far away from Delhi like the not so developed Bhubaneswar (from where I belong) a student after 12 has mainly 3 choices, Engg, Doctor or business. After 10th there are only 3 choices, Science, Commerce and Arts. If you select science then after 12th you can either be an Engg or a Doctor. If commerce then after 12th you only have a BCom then MBA as a career. You then get employed in some banks etc. If Arts, then the only profession for you is teachership after you have done some MSc, PhD. And that sums it all. In Delhi you can have a career starting from a journalist to a translator, advisor to architect.

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