Monday, May 31, 2010

Prelude to the Blog makeover

I felt like writing something. Its been a long time and moreover this blog is nothing but my nonsense thoughts. I mean, yes, it is exactly so. Take for instance some blogs where people discuss technical matters, this error occurred and I did this and that and poof!! the errors' gone. Some people write blogs on technical gadgets, giving their views, some people put up their photography skills on display, some people put up tutorial pages in their blogs and those are the ones that really help others. Yes, its true. I have myself got many of my computer bugs fixed through posts in one blog or the other. I have bookmarked many such websites where there are useful links, posts, images, directions, helps etc. And compare those blogs to this one. Sheer waste of google's space. Its just to feed my fantasies. Its just a consolation. Just a time-pass when I think I am a good writer and I had to vent out something somewhere to prove that I am a good writer. Trust me, I read my own articles many times and I like it but I am afraid if other would think so. Moreover I don't expect to show off my writing skills even if I have any. There are some people who publish their blogs to friends in the hope to garner some appreciations for their writing skills, show off. I ain't like that at all. I can live my life writing anonymous posts no matter how good they are.

From now on I have decided to make this blog useful to atleast someone. I think I have some computer knowhow, programming knowledge, software understanding etc. Time and again I bump into something interesting, like some interesting piece of code, some unknown shortcuts, tricks, some error handling solutions etc. So one can look forward to this blog for that. I think once I start my industrial experience, I'll be in a better position to put quality stuffs here.
Plus I like travelling alot. And I like planning before I decide on visiting any place. In that way, I can put up my travel itinerary here and the reason why I took this route, some suggestions for others, feedbacks to future travelers.
Apart from that, I take interest in photography also. So I'll try to put up snaps of the beautiful places I have been to. One step towards the same is the "Collections" series of post at this blog.
I am an avid reader of books also. I'll try publish my book reviews (completely unbiased, totally my own views).
Did I mention I am a movie worm? Yeah, I am a Hollywood movie freak and not only movies but take interest in watching documentaries also. I used to watch lots of Bollywood movies also but as I grew more and more acquainted to Hollywood, I kinda lost interest in Hindi movies. You don't have to worry about that. The Bollywood movies are all nothing but cheap remake of Hollywood ones and they are pathetic, trust me. Except for a few ones, Hindi movies these days are nothing but waste. And the few good ones that I am talking about, won't miss their spot on this site.
And of-course obvious is the the usual nonsense thoughts and everyday happenings that I have been putting in here till now.


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