Saturday, May 30, 2009

Women: The unsolved mystery of all time

Women, although an amazing masterpiece of God, have some inherent qualities that make them stand apart. Many scholars, poets, philosophers have tried their whole life understanding these qualities but failed. They are nothing but vast ocean and no matter how hard you try, it always seems like you are at the center of a large circle, as if there is no end to it. Sometimes you think you understand them, the next moment you find out something strange and you are back to where you started. Its as if every words they say, they say it with something else in mind and it turns out to be something else for the listener. And funny thing, only a women can understand another women.

Act 1:

I am having lunch with couple of my girly friends. They are 3 of them. We all are having a nice time. We all have moved into the city recently and starting up with our new life. We are discussing stuff like house, roommates, cooking, office, rent, bus/auto services etc. All 3 of them were staying together. One of them says
Gal1: You know what, last night we ordered pizza.
Me: Really? Wow. Thats great.
Gal2: Yeah and the best part was when he said there is corporate discount of 15% and our company is listed as one of the beneficiary.
Me: Awesome. So you saved some money also. 15% is better than nothing.
Gal3: Yeah, and to obtain more discount we all three gave our ID cards and we got more discount. Yippeeeee!!!!

Now I am perplexed. The discount is same if you give one ID card or ten. Its not like I will pay only 10% of the price since I gave 6 ID cards and that took care of 15X6=90% of the pizza cost. Thats ridiculous. That statement made me go into mathematics mode and a minute later into coma mode. I am looking at their face and trying to figure out, who made a mistake, the pizaa guy or these gals. Well I could take it no more. I had to convince myself before I die.

Me: I have to clear this. Please explain what you meant when you said you got more discount. How is it possible you got more than 15% discount?
Gal1: Arey, we thought we would get more but that damn delivery guy gave only 15% and nothing more. We only got 15%.

Well that explains it.


In India, national elections have just been through. It was mainly the battle field between the two largest party and ideologically differing in every opinion, Congress and BJP. Smaller parties were there too but these overshadowed them. Ultimately Congress won. National elections may be over, but some state elections are coming up. So Andhra pradesh, Tamilnadu and Keral elections are next. Congress is jubilant and high in energy. BJP, after the defeat, has upped its preparation to get this one atleast. The upcoming state elections news are the favorite headlines for the dailies now. Although smaller parties are not prominent in national elections, they suddenly figure in the state elections and change the equations. Congress and BJP are there too but more often they need the support of the regional parties to make the state government because they never gather the margin figure with so much of regional parties in fray.

So one fine morning, I get a call from one of my girly friend.
Gal: Hey, are Congress and BJP going to merge into one party?
Me: What????? What are you talking about???? I can hardly imagine any situation that should bring them together. Even if its the end of world, they wouldn't see eye to eye, merging is a far cry. They are sworn enemies, infact more than that. What made you think like that?
Gal: Well, I thought the same but today's headline states "Both Congress and BJP are trying to become the single largest party in the upcoming election in Andhra Pradesh." And then I thought, really??? Are they going to merge????

I understood everything. Need I say more?

Me: Hey, thats something else. Don't worry. They are not merging.


My roommate's girlfriend is in the house. We are talking. At some point of discussion....

She: Yeah. My brother is also doing his MBA in London.
Me: Wow! Thats great. Moreover higher studies is cheap in Europe compared to US.
She: No No! My brother is in London, not in Europe.

Now for a moment, I was stunned. Even that made me recap my geographic classes, those world maps all over again and again. True, England is aloof thanks to the English Channel but that doesn't make it separate from being counted into Europe. What makes of that then. A whole new continent called England??? NOoooooo.......... London is still in Europe.

She is silent too and may be realized the mistake but spoken words dont come back. This reminded me of the famous quote, "Its better to keep quiet and let people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove them right."

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