Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'll tell you what it means to be in Hell !!!!!

Since I question everything before I believe in it, I try to find reasonable facts to convince myself when I don't get my answers. Take the case of Hell for instance. Going by the religions it seems hell is one nasty place to be in. Nobody wants to go there because its made so infamous. Little kids are made to oblige their parents by threatening him about going to hell in his after life and explaining in greater details the pains heaped upon the souls of kids who donot comply their parents. Its quite an interesting subject to debate upon primarily because no one has absolute knowledge about it. No one has untill now confirmed that he has been to hell and back and so and so happened with him out there. It is kind of a magical place beyond the firmament, may be in some outer galaxy, even deep below your feets but no one knows. There is noone who can tell you how it feels to be in hell. If you are actually made to burn, given boiling water to drink, beaten to death, you don't know. 

Coming to my version of it. I am not making it more imaginary but trying to be realistic so that you can actually feel.  I believe, hell is here only. It exists around us, always. It exists in our lifetime and you don't have to die to know it. Think of the saddest time of your life untill now. It may be the loss of your beloved son, your father or mother whom you admired the most, loss of your spouse whom you loved the most, the break up, the job rejection. Think how miserable you become. Suddenly a wave of helplessness engulfs you. Suddenly your heart starts crying. Suddenly the walls become the movie screen and brain, the projector. A so called on the air movie starts which has no beginning and no end. The movie is out of sequence, sometimes its what happened and sometimes how beautiful it could have been if in existance. It doesn't necessarily demands one of your loved ones to be dead to feel this. You can feel the same if you only imagine what would happen if you wake up and find your only caring sister gone. You think of all the places where you will dearly miss your sibling and you feel terrible. If you are currently feeling the worst, I say, you are in hell now. See, this is my version of what it means to be in hell.

You suddenly rememeber the good times you spent with your girlfriend, you long for it, you can say you are in hell. You are 1000 miles away from your home and suddenly you miss your parents, you miss your hometown, you wish you were now in your city on a bike and you feel sad, you should know you just entered the hell. The hellish experience doesn't have any time nor magnitude. Its random. You may be a soldier and probably killed many of your kind because they were labeled your enemies. You come back home after the victory but it takes 3 days for you to pass over it, the thought of taking away lives just like that and creating widows and orphans, many homes ravaged in the process, many prisoners tortured, the cry of pain in your ears and your brain bursting of it. These 3 days are your 3 days stay in hell. Every moment you are reminded of the acts you have done and when you feel terrible, you know you are in hell. Even when you are a cold blooded assasin, you don't feel a thing when you kill people but when in the death bed, for a second you regret killing all those people, you had your share of hell. Even animals have their hell moments. Ever saw a cow lamenting the loss of her child, sitting in a corner, so still like death and silent like a chilly midnight? But tears find their way from the corner of her eyes into the dusty earth. The tears would merely disturb some dirt off the ground but it carried pain. Even elephants and lions have their moments. 

It seems that you can have your hell moments for any reason and thats true but they are particularly terrible when associated with death. Isn't it. When you think about the death of someone, you feel the moments. It is ironical that I am also associating hell with death but in completely different sense. I am talking about the death of others, who touched your life, and not your own death. 

Hell is a part of your life and not the afterlife. Infact may be this is hell-spending an eternity in painful memories. May be this life itself is hell or vice-versa if you think a good life is filled with bad memories or a painful hell with some good memories. So next time you yell "My life is hell !", make sure you understand what you said. When you curse "go to hell", that person is an atheist if he feels terrible, right there right then or a devout religious if he smiles and doesn't care because he thinks why to ruin the present life when the pain will be inflicted upon him in his after life and who cares ! 

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