Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some doses of philosophy to please

Few days ago I stmbled upon a nice tool that lets me stmble upon nice pages from internet. I was glad to see the results. I am not a usual surfing junky. I couldn't stand sitting more than 20-30 minutes before the internet. After my usual mail checking and orkutting I am desperate for something to keep me attached to the browser. After I got this tool I am glad I am spending more time on the cool interesting stuffs. It displays the pages from the categories that I specify. On one such occasion it displayed me a page containing some philosphical collections. I have till now completed about 8 of em. Here are my versions of the things that I read. Hope you like it.
I'll be putting more of such thoughts when I come across them.

when one's wishes are incompatible with his ego, hence his pretentions were preventing the wish to be expressed, it results in trauma. These pretentions of incompatible ego are the forces that hinder a person in remembering something. Concealed and repressed wishes sometimes are erupted through dreams.The person fell ill because imprisoned emotions underwent a series of abnormal changes. The mind has three state, normal conscious state, unconscious (spit personality) state and hypnoidal state. Emotional experiences in the hypnotic state is pathogenic because this state down't allow normal draining off of emotions. In this state when a person is described the symptom which causes a memory gap, an amnesia, and filling of this gap includes removal of the disease that caused the symptom.

Theory of Relativity (simplified):
The basic rule is that for two observers who are in relative motion with each other, everything else will be different but speed of light.For observers in different motions, it is a fact that they will experience the same laws (of mechanics).the concenpt of simultainity is relative. For one person the time lapse between two objects will be different for another person who is in a relative motion with respect to the first observer. For observers to experience same laws of physics in different time frame, they must use different space-time measurements, and this difference is inherent.If observer A carrying a yardstic and clock is travelling relative to observer B, the observer B would see a smaller stick and slow clock. If A's velocity is speed of light, the yardstick would disappear and clock would seem still for B. Einsteing considers the maximum limiting speed of an object to be speed of light.There are two basic laws in physics, law of conservation of energy and lay of conservation of mass. Theory of relativity combines both. A body receiving energy, gains mass and vice-versa. When a body moves faster, its mass increases so an object travelling at speed of light has infinite mass.

Theory of Natural Selection:
All life is a struggle for existence. If the creator had made all the animals perfoect for their environment then how come there are different creatures in similar environments and vice-versa. Species have arrived through natural selection and evolution. Like produces like. One characterstic is accompanies another like long limbs go with long necks, long haired animals have long horns etc. Animals develop new characters over time but natural selection preserves or discards them. Over time animals use or disuse some particular characterstics according to environment.
There is always struggle for life. This struggle maintains an average amount of each species and the climate also plays a major role in deciding this. If a tree produces say two seeds per year and each seed grows and produces two more then in 20 years the tree will be in millions. It doesn't matter if a fly produces 1000 eggs or another one produces 1. The climate and struggle
for life decides which one will live.
Natural selection is preservation of favourable variation and rejection of injurious variation. Deviation can occur through chance or conditions of life exposed to. Deviation due to climate is more pronounced in plants because they lack mobility. Each new form will tend to take the place of and also try to exterminate its less improved parent.
Every organic being is constantly endeavoring to increase its numbers. It will seize on the place of another inhabitant if it is superior than that.Morphology is the soul of natural selection. The hands of man for grasping, the wings of bat for flying, the flippers of whale for swimming, all are but one organ but gradually developed in form to serve some particular purpose.

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